Carpet Cleaning

We give your carpet a thorough vacuuming to ensure as much of the dry soil like pet hair is removed. This helps to ensure a great carpet cleaning so that our cleaning solutions can focus on breaking up the more hard-to-remove soils that vacuuming simply doesn’t.

We will use our spotting agents to deal with spots like coffee, kool-aid, paint, filtration soiling, and more. Once we have dealt with any speciality spots, we mix a safe general cleaning solution that will tackle the deeply embedded soils in the carpet fibers.

We use mechanical agitation to help our pre-spray break up the soil so that is more easily extracted.

With our powerful carpet steam cleaning machine and tools, we rinse the carpet to remove the suspended soils out of the carpet fibers. We make sure to do extra dry strokes to help the carpet dry faster but also to ensure maximum soil extraction.

This is optional and extra for you to choose from. Our general deodorizer helps with general pet odor and general odor that dirt and soil can bring into the home. It leaves behind a light pleasant smell that will last for a few days following the cleaning.

Having carpet protector reapplied after cleaning is great way to help your carpet to last longer and make spotting small spills easier for you to clean up. Carpet protector helps soil not to bind to the carpet fibers so that regular vacuuming can more easily remove it, and helps liquid spills to not damage the dye sites in the carpet creating a permanent stain.


  • Sectional sofas
  • Three Cushion Couches
  • Davenports / “Hide-a-beds”
  • Two Cushion Loveseats
  • Recliners
  • Dining Room Chairs
  • Ottomans
  • Extra Cushions
  • Mattresses
  • Office Chairs
  • Partition & Cubical Fabric

Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

We will sweep the floor to snag all the crumbs and dust bunnies up before beginning the wet cleaning process.

While we are sweeping we will be doing an inspection of the floor to look for things such as damaged tiles, missing grout, other floor impurities, and identifying the type of tile to ensure we use the proper cleaning agents.

We will apply a cleaning solution to the tile face and grout lines that will begin breaking down oils, dirt, and other soil types.

We utilize mechanical agitation that allows us to get into the grout lines and safely scrub the tile face as well.  For some areas, we may hand scrub as well; especially along edges and areas that our agitation machine cannot reach.

Our powerful cleaning machine generates temperatures up to 230 degrees. Our self-contained tile and grout cleaning tool pressurizes this hot water and blasts away dirt and grime. It is immediately extracted and does not leave a big mess of water puddles.

At times, we will need to use a two-part cleaning process to properly restore the look of your grout. The first process removes oil, dirt, and grime. The second restores the look of the grout lines using a specialty grout restoration cleaning solution to do so. 

We offer grout sealing using an impregnating sealer to penetrate deep into the grout lines giving you layers of protection. This sealer will not damage the grout but will help liquids and oils to not penetrate and stain the grout lines. For natural tiles such as Slate, Limestone, and tumbled travertine – we can seal the tile face and the grout lines for added protection with this penetrating sealer. This is a safe and better alterative to topical coats for these types of tile.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Process

We give the floor a thorough inspection to look for damage and problem areas. 

We remove as much dry soil and crumbs on the floor before starting the wet cleaning process.

We use a safe cleaning solution for hardwood floors coupled with a counter-rotating brush to lift and extract dirt, grime, and debris out of the wood crevices and grooves. 

We use a microfiber absorbant pad on a rotary machine to remove the lifted dirt and grime from the surface and dry the floor.

We can apply a protective finish to the wood floor that will help your normal maintenance and keep it cleaner for longer. The protective finish can fill very light scratches giving an even beautiful appearance to the wood floor again. The finish will not change the color of the wood floor but will enhance its natural beauty.

Please note: Our process does not involve any sanding and will not remove deep scratches or other damage that needs to be fixed with sanding. Our hardwood floor cleaning process is meant to be used for maintenance purposes to remove dirt, dust, and grim in a safe and gentle manner. 



Our furry loved ones are cute, adorable, and a joy to be around. However, the messes they leave behind aren’t adorable like them. Our pet odor and stain removal service can take care of a variety of issues that come along with having furry loved ones in the family. Our products are safe for them and they do a spectacular job at removing odors and stains from these accidents. We offer a variety of processes and techniques for your specific situation and would be happy to talk with you to figure out what option is best for you. We are here to help!