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For the last 6 years our family business has been dedicated to keeping high standards and paying individual attention to our customers. We believe that the Host dry cleaning method is the best cleaning method available on the market today. It is enviromentally friendly, it’s not using any harsh chemicals and not destroying carpet fibers with water.

When we quote a price to a customer, we don't show up at their house and start adding on a bunch of hidden fees. We are upfront about our rates and services that we offer and our clients can rest assured that the price we quote them is the price they are going to pay. Our services are all included in the quoted price and we don't make you pay for all the extras like some carpet cleaning companies do.

We are committed to providing excellent customer service and a healthy living enviroment for our customers, both in their homes and/or offices. It is time to stop splashing water and enviromentally harmful chemicals on your carpets and start using this unique, advanced method to keep your carpet super clean and fresh. We are located in Phelps, Wisconsin. We value everyone of our clients and we hope to provide service to you soon.

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